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Paris, Montparnasse, Pigalle, Saint-Germain-des-Près from the thirties to fifties, popular, artistic and intellectual area

Joel-Peter Witkin, heaven or hell

The exhibition proposes a dialogue between Witkin’s photographs and precious prints selected from the library’s collection.

ALMA HERIDA - Joséphine Douet

Daring portraits of bullfighters showing their injuries'scars. A deep and sensitive work.

50 YEARS IN THE ORIENT – Roland & Sabrina Michaud

Adventures with camel caravans on frozen river of the Pamir to Mongolian eagle huntings, through Indian monsoons and China.

Last exhibitions added

Chayan Khoi DE KIGI A KAMTCHATKA EN MOTO "Sainte Russie"

"Sainte Russie" caractérise le retour de la religion après la chute du communisme marqué par la reconstruction de ces églises

Ekaterina Vasilyeva / Romantic man's walking

Trying to tell my story of the relationship between men and the sea I create to some extent a romanticized vision of it.

Luca Lupi, Landscapes

Vous pouvez ainsi obtenir des architectures imaginaires de lieux réels, où l'espace et le temps créent de nouveaux horizons e

Roux Dit Buisson Nicolas / Le Végétal Sublimé

Elever la Nature au rang de l’Œuvre d’Art

Ed Alcock, Hobbledehoy

"He was neither man, nor boy, he was just a hobbledehoy"

Nicourt Laurent. Amer Encens

Une série sur une ville sombre, lumineuse et captivante.

Martial Lorcet Noblesse Oblige

Images d'une ballade hors du temps de la vénerie et de la nature.

Marco Ristuccia, White Walls

This project focuses on the concept of “vacancy” as an increasingly rare subject to find in our chaotic contemporary cities.

Lorenzo Linthout - Not communicability urban

The metaphysical loneliness of the subject in the urban city.

Lorenzo Linthout - Nudes architecture

The simplicity of the architecture and its majesty.

André RENOUX - Paris par Renoux

60 Lithographies originales représentant Paris - 60 Originals lithographs showing Paris


This series explores the moment in which consciousness and unconsciousness meet, where reality and fiction blur boundaries.

Benoit de Vilmorin, Searching Shibui

Seven elements of shibui are simplicity, implicity, modesty, silence, naturalness, everydayness, and imperfection.


20 analog photographs printed by Sylvain Granjon (Fine Art paper)

Brian Finke "Circus"

Photographed on assignment for Newsweek Magazine

Brian Finke "Amtrak"

Photographed on assignment for The New York Times Magazine

FAIR WITNESS by David Lykes Keenan

For reasons both within and beyond my control, I have lived more as a witness than a participant in my life: a voyeur.

Lilla Szász / Szabolcs Barakonyi: Foreign Field

Foreign Field_Exhibition about identity, ideology and immigration, gallery 2B, Budapest

Benoit Pelletier / Sideways

saisir ces moments de glissement où, d'un instant à l'autre, la réalité raconte autre chose qu'elle même