About us

What’s in a name

Exposare is a name derived from the Latin “expositiō”, reminiscent of the English  “exposition” which means a large-scale public exhibition or show.
So “exposare” is about mounting exhibitions.

Since we are fans of Italy, we like it pronounced the Italian way: “exposaaarrrre”  [ ek-spuh –zaaa- rey].


What is Exposare?

Exposare is a marketplace entirely dedicated to touring exhibitions worldwide.

Today as the touring exhibition market is burgeoning Exposare is the proper tool to reduce the borders for art lovers, for the circulation of art all over the world.

Exposare is a central link which allows Exhibitors, such as artists, institutions, art galleries, collectors and curators to promote their exhibitions with Exhibition Hosts such as institutions, museums, foundations, art galleries, private venues, universities, etc… who are looking for an exhibition for their space.


What we do?

Before Exposare, the information on touring exhibitions was overabundant but totally fragmented.

Today, with us, the information is centralized and well referenced. It has never been so easy to connect supply and demand in this field.

This first centralized exhibition catalog available online will give you a dramatically increased visibility on the worldwide network.

Thanks to our social network, Exposare promotes your information quickly and safely.

Each exhibition is important to us, because we love sharing art with people from any country.

We aim to be a facilitator between exhibitors and exhibition hosts in order to contribute to a mutual enrichment of art all over the world.

In Art we trust.