You want to rent your exhibition

You want your exhibition to be viewed by a larger audience, you are always looking for new venues. It’s time to be part of the first touring exhibition catalogue online.


Find new exhibition hosts worldwide

Exposare is a professional art marketplace entirely dedicated to touring exhibitions. For the first time, the art community can meet online on the same network, for the same purpose.

Who can register?

Artists, institutions, museums, art galleries, collectors and curators... Anyone who has professionally exhibited or organized an exhibition can register with Exposare and propose an exhibition for rent.


Annual fee — no hidden costs

To list your exhibition, you should pay an annual fee. Exposare will never intervene in your negotiations with potential Exhibition Hosts nor in the organization and profits of your future contract. Exposare is just a marketplace, a facilitator!


Editorial notice

Exposare is an open marketplace. We reserve the right to accept or refuse any exhibition that does not meet our standards. All proposed exhibitions undergo rigorous preselection. To simplify matters, exhibitions posted on Exposare should be professionally prepared and presented, ready to install. A gage of quality for all of us.


A new communication network

Exposare is meant to be social and universal. We pledge to share your exhibition posted on Exposare through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, newsletters, etc.
Invite your followers, friends, visitors and admirers to share and comment on your exhibition’s page. Together, we can reinforce your visibility dramatically.


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