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The team Exposare.




Exposare ‘s Exhibitor Members are :
Artists, institutions, art galleries, collectors, curators. Anyone involved in presenting professional exhibitions ready to install

Exposare Exhibition Membership:

Individual: any individual involved in presenting touring exhibitions
79£/99€ a year/per exhibition

Corporate: any company involved in mounting and presenting touring exhibitions
120£/150 € a year per exhibition

Premium: any individual or corporate who wants to keep his exhibitions on top of the list
160£/200 € a year /per exhibition

You can list as many exhibitions as you wish on Exposare.
You will benefit of a 50% discount after the third exhibition registered

The membership is annual , strictly personal and non transferable


Why you should join ?

  • To find a new space for your exhibition worldwide
  • To promote your available touring exhibition
  • To network with professionals who share your interests
  • To access research on touring
  • To share comments about exhibitions