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50 YEARS IN THE ORIENT – Roland & Sabrina Michaud

  • © Roland & Sabrina Michaud-Bozkashi, Afghanistan
  • © Roland & Sabrina Michaud-Child and pigeon
  • © Roland & Sabrina Michaud-Mahmad Niyaz Afghanistan
  • © Roland & Sabrina Michaud-Eagle hunting, Mongolia
  • © Roland & Sabrina Michaud-Kim Bong Nyong, Korea
  • © Roland & Sabrina Michaud-Great Wall, China
  • © Roland & Sabrina Michaud-Mirros, China
  • © Roland & Sabrina Michaud-Young Kirghiz girl
  • © Roland & Sabrina Michaud-Sunset prayer, Afghanistan
  • © Roland & Sabrina Michaud-Kalarippayat, India
After 50 years of photographic adventures devoted entirely to the Orient only, Roland & Sabrina Michaud offer us the quintessence of their experiences. The exhibition itself is a travel over 220 photographs and 7 visions : • Afghanistan : 30 pictures including the famous bozkashi - horse game, the camel caravans on frozen rivers of the Pamir mountains or the intimate life of Afghan women. • India : 30 pictures, including major religous festivals and monuments and traditional life. • China : 30 pictures, including poetic images of the Huang Shan mountains and scenes of country daily life. • Mongolia : 15 pictures, including eagle hunting and life under the yurt. • Korea : 45 pictures, including buddhist temples, and people of the Blue Crane village. • Monsoon : 13 pictures, scenery and people under heavy rains. • Mirrors : 30 juxtapositions of Michaud’s photographs with local historic works of art, in order to highlight the extraordinary coexistence and continuity of past and present. (10x2 pictures for Islam / 11X2 pictures for India / 12x2 pictures for China) Inspired by the literary works of the Orient, from the Arabian Nights and Sufis tales, to the Indian epics and the Chinese poets, the mythic French couple, Roland & Sabrina Michaud, after crisscrossing Asia by car from Paris to Singapore, during four and an half years, 1964 - 1968, are back to France with 34 000 pictures and an intense desire to become professional photographers. The secret of their work is to take one’s time. They choose to devote their whole life to Asia only. Over 80 years old, Roland & Sabrina Michaud, are still going back to India and are faithful to their old Leica argentic camera. Roland & Sabrian Michaud are the author of 23 photographic book translated into several languages, among which their famous best seller : Caravans to Tartary (1977). Their present motto is : Old age is winter for the ignorant, but harvest for the wise.
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220 photographs printed on XXX paper by Lab. Central Color Dupon. Framed or not. DIBON. • AFGHANISTAN : Decolite 79x118 inches (200x300cm) / 4 prints 59x89 inches (150 x 225cm) / 20 prints 31x47 inches (80 x 120cm) / 4 prints 24x31 inches (60x80cm) / 4 prints 24x24 inches (60x60cm) • INDIA : 19 prints 47x71 inches1(20 x 180cm) / 4 prints 24x35 inches (60x90cm) • CHINA : 18 prints 31x47 inches (80 x 120cm) • MONGOLIA : 2 prints 39x59 inches (100x150cm) / 13 prints 31x47 inches (80 x 120cm) • KOREA : 45 prints 12x16 inches (30x40cm) • MONSOON : 13 prints 31x47 inches (80 x 120cm) • MIRRORS : 22 prints 12x16 inches (30x40cm)-(Orient : inner frame) / 20 prints 12x16 inches (30x40cm)-(India : inner frame) / 24 prints 31x47 inches (80 x 120cm)-(China)

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1000 linear meters

National Geographic
Paris Match
L’œil en Seyne 2010, Villa Tamaris Centre d’Art – Toulon Provence
Voyageurs d'Orient, Roland et Sabrina Michaud, Edition L'Oeil en Seyne, 2010 isbn: 978 2 912282 88 4 BIBLIOGRAPHIE L’Afghanistan (présentation Joseph Kessel), Réalités Hachette, 1970. L’Expédition Caméléon, 4 ans et demi d’aventures en Orient, SNEP, Paris 1970. Art of Islam (Titus Burckhardt, photographs by Roland Michaud), World of Islam Company, 1976. Édition française, L’Art de l’Islam, SINDBAD, Paris 1985. Islamic Science (S. H. Nasr, photographs by Roland Michaud), World of Islam Company, 1976. Caravanes de Tartarie, Chêne, Paris 1977. Mémoire de l’Afghanistan, Chêne, Paris 1980. L’Orient dans un miroir (préface de Nadjim Oud Dine Bammate), Hachette Réalités, Paris 1981. Corée de Jade (texte de J. C Michaud), Chêne, Paris 1981. La Route d’or de Samarkand, Chêne, Paris 1983. L’Inde des Mille et une nuits, Chêne, Paris 1985. Les Cavaliers, Nathan, Paris 1988. L’Inde dans un miroir, Nathan, Paris 1990. Derviches du Hind et du Sind (présentation par Annemarie Schimmel, préface de Jacques Lacarrière), Phébus, Paris 1991. Voyage dans l’Empire mongol - 1253-1255 de Guillaume de Rubrouck (photographies de Roland Michaud, traduction et commentaire de Claude claire et René Kappler), Imprimerie nationale, Paris 1993. Faïences d’azur (texte de Michael Barry), Imprimerie nationale, Paris 1995. La Grande Muraille de Chine (texte de Michel Jan), Imprimerie nationale, Paris 2000. La Grande Muraille de Chine (textes de Michel Jan), Imprimerie Nationale 2000. Chasse à l’aigle chez les Kazakhs, Picquier, Arles 2001. Afghanistan (préface d’André Velter), éditions de La Martinière, Paris 2002. Le Voyage des Indes (texte d’Olivier Germain Thomas), Imprimerie nationale, Paris 2003.

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