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ALMA HERIDA - Joséphine Douet

  • ©Joséphine Douet-Alma Herida-Antonio Ferrera
  • ©Joséphine Douet-Alma Herida-Chocolate
  • ©Joséphine Douet-Alma Herida-Cristina Sanchez
  • ©Joséphine Douet-Alma Herida-Fernando Cruz
  • ©Joséphine Douet-Alma Herida-El Juli
  • ©Joséphine Douet-Alma Herida-Luis Blazquez
  • ©Joséphine Douet-Alma Herida-Miguel Angel Perera
  • ©Joséphine Douet-Alma Herida-Rafael Gonzalez
  • ©Joséphine Douet-Alma Herida-Serafin Marin
  • ©Joséphine Douet-Alma Herida-Alejandro Talavante
15 bullfighters, their own path through life. Very different stories, with one thing in common : determination in front of the bull. Figuras, retired bullfighters, promises, banderilleros, they all have paid the price for courage with their own blood. In front of the animal, there are no differences and only truth remains. Their truth. Joséphine Douet let the soul and body of these extraordinary men speak for themselves. The project is based on Picasso’s portrait of Luis Miguel Dominguin. With its simple composition and total symbiosis with his model, Picasso transmited the strength of the matador, the essence of being a torero. Joséphine Douet takes the same approach, through a serie of portraits of bullfighters, whose common point is to be wearing in their own flesh the signs of their vocation and toreria. And to have agreed to show the difficulties of leaving through it. In body and soul. The work in centered on courage, primordial and inherent to this world, with its awards and dramatic consequences. On beauty, told on the map of a body thats lived its passion in person. The strength and vulnerability that live together in bullfighters personality make this testimony unique. And so does their engagement with the project.
£ 1500

Global insurance value
£ 45000
30 photographs. Photographic paper on Dibond. Plastified. Each picture 100 x 150 cm, weight 4 kg.

3 wooden crates. 180 x 130 x 30.

Transport is required. Not necessarily fine art specialist.

40 linear meters.

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