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Contemporary French Painting: Combinations of History

  • Contemporary French Painting 1:Combinations of History
  • Contemporary French Painting 2:Combinations of History
  • Contemporary French Painting 3:Combinations of History
  • Contemporary French Painting 4:Combinations of History
  • Contemporary French Painting 5:Combinations of History
This exhibition shows a panorama of French painting over the last five decades, from 1960 to the present. Fifty works from 24 artists illustrate the richness and diversity of representation and challenges audiences to rethink the story of painting. The exhibits illustrate the brightness and diversity of painting both as objects of art and subjects for study. As it’s known, painting did not fare well during the Twentieth Century. The modern artists analyzed it, questioned it and deconstructed it; in the 1960s the “New Realists” practically destroyed it, making projections on to canvas and burning it. Then, in the 1970s the “Supports-Surfaces” artists reinvented its structure, to separate and to “break” it, in the 1980s it became increasingly anonymous while in the post-conceptual age painting was forced to disappear altogether. So, what remains of painting now? How does it fit in, how does it lie in the contemporary artistic landscape of France? This exhibition seeks to clarify these issues by offering a series of parallels between different artists, emphasizing their intersection and convergence within the fabric of art history. It offers a series of “combinations” bringing together established and well-known painters and younger generation artists using the same approach or interested in similar subjects. This aesthetic and conceptual match-making shows the continuity between generations and restore the identity and direction of different art movements. It is therefore, both a retrospective and a new perspective on French painting. It has historical references but represents an urgent new definition of painting given to it by its practitioners. The exhibition allows the audience to enter painting and see its interaction with sculpture, film and even manufacturing and to project its patterns, planes and colours.
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"Noël Dolla, Trois du Cap, 1987, Peinture acrylique et plumes sur bois, dimensions 122x122 cm. " "Noël Dolla, A pieds, 2010, peinture acrylique sur toile, dimensions 100х100 cm. " "Sarah Tritz, Ma travestie au repos, 2010, peinture acrylique, bois, terre autodurcissante, fibres textiles, plastique, dimensions totales 200x50x45 cm " "Métro 3, auteur Sarah Tritz, annee 2011, gouache et acrylique sur bois, verre, faux cheveux (fibre synthétique), terre autodurcissante, dimensions totales 27x50x50 cm " "Herve Ic, Jim Jarmusch, 2008, huile sur toile, dimensions 60x81 cm " "Herve Ic, Sonetlum, 2004, huile sur toile, dimensions 75x65 cm " "Herve Ic, La croix, 2000, huile sur papier sous verre (14 peintures sur papier de 50x50cm, 14 verres et sousverres), dimensions totales 250x200 m " "Bernard Frize, Insulaire R, 2004, huile sur toile, dimensions 152x132 cm " "Jean-Olivier Hucleux, Photographie d'étude ""Cimetière. Ouest de Paris, 1972"", 2012, tirage photographique sur papier photographique, dimensions 72x92 cm " "Guillaume Bresson, Sans titre (dyptique), 2012, huile sur toile, dimensions du dyptique: 90 x 160 cm (1e partie), 20 x 30 cm (2e partie) " "Erik Dietman, Sans titre (Grande bassine), 2002, bronze, dimensions 64x90x90 cm " "Erik Dietman, Sans titre, 1963, chewing gum sur papier imprimé, dimensions totales (encadré) 57x71 cm (8 feuillets 19,5x12 cm chaque) " "Damien Deroubaix, Traum, 2009, aquarelle, encre, acrylique et collage sur papier, dimensions 310x450 cm " "Damien Deroubaix, Skizze für les étoiles filantes, 2010, crayon sur papier, dimensions 59x39 cm (encadré) " "Morgane Tschiember, Display n.1, 2009, feuilles d'aluminium, peinture laquée, vernis, dimensions totales 35x45x130 cm " "Morgane Tschiember, Rolls, 2012, inox, peinture à l’huile et acrylique, dimensions totales 80х200х50 cm (1er roulon: 200 (longueur) x 50 (diametre) cm, 2e roulon 200x30 cm) " "Vera Molnar, 2 carrés coupés en deux (dyptique), 2010, аcrylique sur toile, dimensions totales 100x200 cm (100x100 cm chaque de deux oeuvres) " "Jean-Michel Sanejouand, Espace-Peinture 20.03.79, 1979, acrylique et vinylique sur toile, dimensions 130x195 cm " "Benjamin Swaim, Les sculptures de ma mère n°3, 2008-2009, huile sur toile, dimensions 129x97 cm " "Benjamin Swaim, Salammbô Schreber n°10, 2008-2011, huile sur toile, dimensions 195x97 cm " "Cécile Bart, Farandole pour Permm (dyptique), 2012, peinture-écran, trame de tergal semi-transparent, chassis, dimensions 170x226 cm (chaque de deux parties) " François Morellet, Strip-teasing sur la pointe. Trames 75°-165°, 100°-190°, 2006, acrylique sur toile sur bois, dimensions 150x150 cm "Roland Flexner, SN 7, 2006, sumi ink on paper, dimensions 37,5 x 40,3 cm (encadré) " "Roland Flexner, SN 23, 2007, sumi ink on paper, dimensions 37,5 x 40,3 cm (encadré) " "Roland Flexner, LGB (liquid graphic bleu) 13, 2012, sumi ink on paper, dimensions 37,5 x 40,3 cm (encadré) " "Roland Flexner, LGB (liquid graphic bleu) 16, 2012, sumi ink on paper, dimensions 37,5 x 40,3 cm (encadré) " "Julien Carreyn, 4 oeuvres: 1 - Scandale à Paris (annee 2009, pastel sur papier, dimensions 32,5x52 cm encadré), 2 - Etudiante (annee 2011, pastel sur papier, dimensions 22x33 cm encadré), 3 - Untitled (annee 2011, graphite sur paper, dimensions 22x33 cm encadré), 4 - Nu (annee 2011, graphite sur paper, dimensions 22x33 cm encadré), " "Eva Nielsen, Field (dyptique), 2011, huile, acrylique et sérigraphie sur toile, dimensions 180x80 cm (1e partie), 180x190 cm (2e partie) " Philippe Cognée, Rue à Tokyo, 2011, encaustique sur toile, dimensions 81x110 cm "Philippe Cognée, Supermarché (vert), 2005, encaustique sur toile, dimensions totales 130x585 cm (3 parties 130x195 cm chaque) " "Armand Jalut, Alain Patrick (7), 2011, huile sur toile, dimensions 250x200 cm " "Armand Jalut, Paesaggio Grandioso II (4 parties: bordeaux, verte, indigo, noire), 2010, empreinte de pizza à l'huile de colza et pastel sur papier, dimensions 48x48 cm encadré (chaque de 4 parties) " "Armand Jalut, Dindon, 2008, huile sur toile, dimensions 162x130 cm " "Daniel Dezeuze, Sans titre, 1974, Carrés Conté (sanguine) sur papier Canson, dimensions 65x50 cm " "Jacques Monory, Folie de femme n°7, 2006, huile sur toile, dimensions 150x230 cm " "Jacques Monory, La vie imaginaire de Jonq'Erouas Cym n°8, 2002, huile sur toile, dimensions 176x167 cm " "Marc Desgrandchamps, Sans titre, 2006, huile sur toile, dimensions totales 162x260 cm (162x130 cm chaque de deux parties) " " Victor Vasarely, Struck n° 783, 1984, Silk-screen print, 75 x 74 cm " "Victor Vasarely, Stridum, 1982, Silk-screen print, 75,5 x 75,5 cm " "Victor Vasarely, Mima Sol, 1985, Silk-screen print, 77,5 х 76,5 cm (55/175) " "Victor Vasarely, Holm, 1988, Silk-screen print, 78 х 76 cm " "Raphael Renaud, Piscine, 160x160 cm, oil on canvas, 2003 " "Raphael Renaud, Raffinerie, 2009, oil on canvas " "Guillaume Bresson, Untitled, 14,8x26,6 cm, Printed computer graphics, 2012 "

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