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DAMLA OZDEMIR's "Fresh Flesh" Exhibition at Gallery Ilayda

  • Dünyanın tek yolu-The only way of the world, 2012, 90x70cm, Ahşap üzerine fine art baskı-Fine art print on wood
  • Kim olduğumu söyle bana-Tell me who i am, 2011, 150x130cm, Karışık teknik-Mixed media
  • İktidar baştan çıkarır-Power seduces, 2012, 130x130cm, Ahşap üzerine fine art baskı-Fine art print on wood
  • İkiz-Twins, 2012, 90x70cm, Pleksi üzerine baskı-Print on acrylic glass
  • Kaplanın gözü-Eye of the tiger, 2012, 120x85cm, Ahşap üzerine fine art baskı-Fine art print on wood
  • Uzaydaki kadin-The woman in space, 2009, 130x90cm, Karışık teknik-Mixed media
  • Herşey süsten ibaret-Everything boits down to show off, 2012, 130x100cm, Ahşap üzerine fine art baskı-Fine art print on wood
  • Hayatın melankolisi-The melancholia of Life, 2013, 100x60 cm, Karışık teknik-Mixed media
  • İçimden çıkanlar- Stuff coming out of me, 2012, 130x100cm, Ahşap üzerine fine art baskı-Fine art print on wood
  • Untitled
DAMLA ÖZDEMİR “FRESH FLESH” March 2nd – April 7th, 2013 Damla Özdemir's three dimensional collage works can be sen at Galeri İlayda between the dates March 2nd –April 7th. The ''Fresh Flesh'' concept, that also names the exhibition, highlights the metamorphosis & transformation process of the female image the artist uses in her works. The artist, who uses these images in her original way with the guidance of the subconscious, places each of them onto wooden layers, giving them their brand new three dimensional flesh. The artist who preferably uses wood as her material, includes plexiglass and mirrors as well. Her works are based on man, woman and animal figures that have been detached from their organic bonds and on their process of self-realizing & self-being. Damla Özdemir was graduated from departments of Advertising and Motion Pictures-Television. In her university life of 5 years she got acquaintedwith stop-motion animation and digital arts. With the visuals Özdemir has been collecting for the last 4 years thanks to the infinitude of internet, she produces her works of collage on digital platforms. When analyzing her process of production, one can clearly see the impacts of science fiction novels she has been reading, and of avant-garde and constructivist works. Starting from the centre, the artist creates productions and deliberate meanings with movements of disintegration, incarceration, restraint, dedifferentiation, repetition and innovation. You can see Damla Özdemir's ''Fresh Flesh'' at Gallery İlayda until the 7th of April.
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Telgraf Art Mag.
Milliyet Newspaper
FUTURO Art Mag. (Switzerland)
Gallery Ilayda- 01.03.13/07.04.13
Catalog of Artworks Damla Özdemir_Katalog.pdf
Damla Ozdemir/Fresh Flesh/Gallery Ilayda.. 20.02.2013/Baked Ideas Publishing Company..

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