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Ellie Parsons, 'Game Changers: The Evolution of Advertising'

  • Graphics
  • Apple 'Think Different' campaign
  • One of the over 60 works
  • Screening room
  • Screening room
  • Vine interactive installation
  • TV screens
'Game Changers: The Evolution of Advertising' is an exhibition designed for touring that launched at Cannes Lions Festival June, 2013. In the words of Apple’s ‘Think Different’ campaign, 'Game Changers' is a celebration of ‘the misfits, the rebels, the trouble makers, the round pegs in the square holes’ who have never stopped redefining the business of creative communications. It's a retrospective of some of the work that changed the face of the industry forever. From Volkswagen’s ‘Think Small’ to the Nike Fuelband via Levi’s ‘Launderette’, it looks at the ‘firsts’ from the creative companies that have been transforming brands for 60 years. Suitable for a wide audience, particularly those interested in advertising, design, communications, TV, media and film. A book published by Taschen accompanies the exhibition and publicity is provided by Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. A comment from our guestbook reads: "All of my favourite things in one space", and visitors have been recording their personal messages on Vine - see http://www.framestore.com/news/cannes-lions-game-changers–exhibition.
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Palais des Festival, Cannes, France 15-22 June 2013
Game Changers: The Evolution of Advertising, 2013, Taschen

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