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FAUSTO GIACCONE-Sardinia 1968-1975

  • © Fausto Giaccone-Sardinia1968-1975-San Leonardo 1975.Banquet at the horse fair
  • © Fausto Giaccone-Sardinia1968-1975-Orgosolo 1968. A police check.
  • © Fausto Giaccone-Sardinia1968-1975-Orgosolo 1968. Young shepherds.
  • © Fausto Giaccone-Sardinia1968-1975-Orgosolo 1975.
  • © Fausto Giaccone-Sardinia1968-1975- Bono 1968. Crowd at a political meeting.
  • © Fausto Giaccone-Sardinia1968-1975- Porto Torres. A worker in the petrochemical plant.
  • © Fausto Giaccone-Sardinia1968-1975-Serra Testone (Nuoro). A lady during the preparations for the banquet. at Exposare.com Exhibition Provider Worldwide
  • © Fausto Giaccone-Sardinia1968-1975- Serra Testone (Nuoro), before sheep shearing.
  • © Fausto Giaccone-Sardinia1968-1975- Serra Testone (Nuoro), sheep shearing.
  • © Fausto Giaccone-Sardinia1968-1975- Serra Testone (Nuoro), the pig roasted on a spit and served in trays of cork bark.
This series of photographs were taken in Sardinia between 1968 and 1975. The first time I went to photograph in Sardinia, which also coincided with my first visit to the island, was in November 1968. We were at the end of a year that had been extraordinary for most of the world and especially for me, as it decided my fate. I was a student of the Architecture faculty in Rome and the events I witnessed made me to decide to be a photographer. The year began with the earthquake in the Belice Valley in Sicily, followed by the hottest days of the student protests in Rome. During the summer I spent two months in the Middle East, including Egypt and Jordan, where I documented the life of a group of Palestinian resistance group organized after the defeat of the Arab armies in the Six Days War. The reportage was published by Paris Match on many pages. Then I started getting published on left wing political magazines, and above all I worked with a very lively weekly magazine called L’Astrolabio. Despite having few economic resources, thanks to the editor-in-chief Mario Signorino, this magazine was able to publish the works of the most important Italian photographers. In November, sent by L’Astrolabio, I arrived in Sardinia driving my Fiat 500 embarked in Civitavecchia, along with an editor of the magazine. The reason of our reportage was on the people’s anger exploded in the last two months in the Nuoro region against the violence of the State and the ineptitude of the ruling class. From Barbagia to the Barony, from the Lower Goceano to Gallura, shepherds, workers and students took to the streets, occupied the Town halls clashing with the police. We headed towards Orgosolo, slowly going up the mountains of Barbagia and occasionally being stopped by police checks. I was struck by the beauty of the majestic landscape and from the dignity and hospitality of the people we met. The second trip occourred in the following year, early June 1969. I had to do a portrait of the island and its people on the eve of the upcoming regional elections. We didn’t want only the island in its traditional aspects, but also in its recent industrialization. That’s the reason why I visited the facilities of Porto Torres’ petrochemical area. My third trip was in 1975. In late May, in a beautiful spring day, in the magnificent scenery of a grassy clearing between cork and granite rocks, I found myself documenting the ceremony of shearing on a farm in the area known as Serra Testone (Nuoro). I remember the shearing, the pig roasted on a spit and served in trays of cork bark, the game of morra, jokes, the women a bit on their own, in care of huge pans and pots ready for an army of cheerful and hungry shepherds. The next day, the first Sunday of June,1975, I was in San Leonardo, near Macomer, the regional horse fair. I remember the festive atmosphere, the horses in the meadows, the rodeo like performances, the stalls, the air of celebration, many tables under the woods, accordions, wine.
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Prolog to the catalog by Roberto Mutti. Mutti.transl.new_.pdf
Only part of this series of photographs on Sardinia were published in the catalog "'68 Elsewhere" for the exhibition of the same name opened in Noceto (Parma) in October 2008.

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