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  • Felicia Murray-Entre chien et loup-Peter and the Bull (Cabane Rouge), Arles
  • Felicia Murray-Entre chien et loup-Paul, Squibnocket, Martha's Vineyard
  • Felicia Murray-Entre chien et loup-Granny Bingham, Thanksgiving Lunch, New York
  • Felicia Murray-Entre chien et loup-Sakya, Beaver Brook Farm, Vermont
  • Felicia Murray-Entre chien et loup-Bapo Vino, Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Felicia Murray-Entre chien et loup-rue Visconti, Paris
  • Felicia Murray-Entre chien et loup-Ghost Dog, Arles
  • Felicia Murray-Entre chien et loup-Bar, Hotel du Forum, Arles
  • Felicia Murray-Entre chien et loup-Paris Taxi
  • Felicia Murray-Entre chien et loup-Another Kiss, rue Mazarine, Paris
In turning my lens to record the subjects and situations one encounters in life, I seek to impose as little as possible on what passes before my eye. By allowing such fluid embrace of theme, vision and the energy of movement, the “flou” (blur) joins time and space, capturing the “unrepresentable” or imagined reality. A fraction of a second, pushed by the open lens, transcends to timeless imagery. My photography largely seeks its creation within the realm of autobiography: persona, relatives, creatures and sites with which I am familiar and at freedom to visit and haunt. Experimentation with “my life as journey” introduces extended shadows and envelopes strangers within my vision and dream. As evidence of this seemingly fearless approach both in terms of theme and technique, I have entitled one body of my work “Entre Chien et Loup.” This expression denotes the realizable and quixotic time of day when dusk turns into night. The moment of transformation from dog into wolf highlights the respective inherent and ascribed qualities of each creature from domestic, familiar, tame, unthreatening and loyal to wild, unpredictable, threatening and unknown.
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30 - 40 16"x20" gelatin silver prints matted to 20"x24"

2 shipping cases

Round trip shipping, insurance and fees to be paid by exhibitor. Fine art shipper or Federal Express or UPS

130 running feet

Tulsa World, 19 September 1999
Art New England, April/May 2001
Ateneo de Caracas, Venezuela, 1999
University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1999
Spectrum Gallery, Rochester, New York, 2000
Beacon Gallery, New York, 2001
University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2002
Entro perro y lobos, texts by Juan Vicente Gomez and William Messer, Ateneo de Caracas, Venezuela, 1999

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