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Future Now Working Title - Dragoș Burlacu, Radu Belcin, Felix Deac, Flavia Pitiș, Bogdan Rața, Cristian Todie

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Artists & Inventors Innovative traveling art exhibition explores the present connection between art and science. The curatorial concept gathers synergies from the two fields of creation. The theoretical framework searches for common grounds for the both, in order to stimulate the contemporary creativity in all the forms. Artists and researchers, inventors and business visionaries, scientific academics and young experimental artists will be brought together to create unexpected art & science works. The project is accompanied by a series of public debates within the academic contexts (universities, research institutes) and a published research. Disclaimer: Ideas and researches presented and exhibited are protected under the copyright of the authors or the institutions (like ORDA, OSIM) who have the legal ability to do so. Topics: Issues: Raw Material, Mutant model Science trend: Alternative materials, conservation of raw materials Artistic trend: Alternative materials, synthetic, new media Issues: Energy, Recycle model Science trend: Recycling, Free Energy, unconventional energy, alternative Artistic trend: Non objectual artistic forms, ephemeris, perishable, conceptual art, performance, happening Issues: Freedom of communication, Network model Science trend: Communication technology, communication networks Artistic trend: Conceptual Art, Anonymous, Street art, graffiti Please contact us (below) for full the list of the artists and inventors and for the specific working progress topics. Participating artists in the first round selection: Dragoș Burlacu, Radu Belcin, Felix Deac, Flavia Pitiș, Bogdan Rața, Cristian Todie You can find more about their works at the links and more about their ideas in the project Future now, below. Starting from the „Gamers versus the Index”, Radu Belcin would be working in painting with the virtual landscapes from the games. He would transfer the impactful 3D generated landscapes in a old masters Flemish technique of oil on canvas. Radu would also introduce in painting the perspective of the First-person shooter (FPS) centered on gun and projectile weapon-based combat through a first-person perspective; that is, the player experiences the action through the eyes of the protagonist. It is common to display the character’s hands and weaponry in the main view, with a head up display showing health, ammunition and location details. Often, it is possible to overlay a map of the surrounding area. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First-person_shooter) Flavia Pitiș is interested in working with Advances in Game Accessibility from 2005 to 2010. She is already interested in the different tactile gestures of the adults reproduced on children and vice versa games of children’s played by adults. Also starting from the „Gamers versus the Index”, Felix Deac sculptural objects are a hybrid of home appliances and organic forms.Felix would transform the domestic products into organic, virtual life creatures partially covered in synthetic skin. Dragoș Burlacu takes inspiration from Advanced in Game Accessibility from 2005 to 2010, point 2.1 Visual disability. The concept of Blind-station system is linking the game and the disability person with the visual disability. Dragos Burlacu would study the relation between disability person and proximity space through the software of 3D mapping in order to create a connection. Proposed inventors and researchers at the first round: Solomon Marcus, Radu Georgescu, Florin Talpeş, Mircea Tudor, Ion Mânzat, Raluca and Jacobus Frederick van Staden, Gheorghe Benga, Nicolae Ghinea, Aurelian Rad, Antonia-Miruna Oprescu, Antonia-Miruna Oprescu, Adrian Cura, Irina Anghel, Mihaela Fîrşirotu, Simona Soar, Adrian Buzatu, Mats Broden References List of Romanian inventors and discoverers Venues To be announced Now booking venues worldwide. For more information, contact: Project Team: Cosmin Năsui, curator, representative for the artists tel: (+4) 0723 358 945 e-mail: Oana Ioniță, cultural project manager mobil: (+4) 0730 040 514 e-mail: Petre Munteanu, scientific consultant Bogdan Albu, lawyer Strategical partners: Best Communication Media-clockwise translations, Illy România, Modernism.ro, Radio România International
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The exhibition display will put together four groups, each formed as artist/inventor. Each artwork display will be related with an excerpt from the researcher’s materials / documents / patents (exhibit on the wall). Books and published work studies related to the theme will be presented in a designated area of the exhibition. The results of putting together the contemporary arts and contemporary science will generate novel artworks and give access to scientific studies through the artistic form.

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The text materials (essays, extras-es from the debate etc.) and images will be edited in a published catalog of the project.

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