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Up to 30 platinum photographs and interviews of American Indian Alaska Native persons. 8 x 10 inches (20 x 25 cm) and 11 x 14 inches ( 30 x 40 cm) in size. Entire collection in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. “When exhibiting and interpreting Native American historical material, there is always the risk that museum visitors will walk away with the impression that American Indians are part of America’s past but not its present and future. In fact, it has been argued that museums shoulder much of the responsibility for conveying the impression both at home and abroad that Indians died out with the buffalo; that although some Indians may still exist in the Southwest, Oklahoma, and perhaps South Dakota, their languages, world views, belief systems, and most other aspects of their traditional cultures have been lost, except for what museums have managed to preserve. Contrary to these impressions, there are perhaps as many people who identify themselves as Native Americans today at the dawn of the twenty-first century as there were at the close of the fifteenth century when Europeans first set foot on the shores of the "New World." In other words, despite five centuries of invasion, displacement, marginalization, and the impacts of European-introduced diseases, American Indians are still very much here! In the words of a Zuni friend, "we are here, now, and always." Gary Auerbach's platinum photographs show American Indians as they are today: friends, neighbors, sculptors, weavers, parents, daughters, sons, poets, painters; thoroughly modern Americans with modern interests and concerns, but with a connection to past and tradition that is palpable through the lens.”
£ 3000

Global insurance value
£ 10000
Tucson Citizen Newspaper
We Walk in Beauty, Soho Photo, New York, 2010
Focale Photographie, Nyon Switzerland, 2002
Amerind Foundation, Pearce Arizona, Jan-Dec 2002

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