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Gianluca Gamberini Cinecittà

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Nothing lasts forever. Our very existence needs confirmations that can only be found in the tracks already beaten, in the memories that recall only those places where we have lived. After having completed his film and media studies at the historical and prestigious school in Cinecittà Studios in Rome, Gianluca Gamberini worked as assistant director along the last ten years. He is attracted by the power of images to evoke and capture the metaphysics and the abstract of ambivalent places, where reality and unreality, appearance and concealment get mixed to become various faces of one single story. Gianluca’s photos strive to reveal the landscapes, to build up memories, to collect stories about the way we where and what’s gone. Most of the time, as we look around it seems as if our surroundings had always been like that. It is a quite natural attitude, which leads us to be surprised when we become aware of changes. Unaware of our destiny, and therefore in need of certainty, we rather prefer places to remain immutable and in some ways as eternal representations outside of time.
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