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Gianluca Gamberini Tokyo-Ga 東京雅

  • TOKYO-GA 東京雅 #08
  • TOKYO-GA 東京雅 #21
  • TOKYO-GA 東京雅 #06
  • TOKYO-GA 東京雅 #39
  • TOKYO-GA 東京雅 #16
  • TOKYO-GA 東京雅 #26
After his series of Cinecitta in 2012, Gianluca Gamberini participating for the second time in Voies Off Festival. Back from Tokyo, where he has the opportunity to stay in a artist residency, he gives us a very personal vision of its urbanism. This new series features buildings that are juxtaposed and grazed without ever touching. The rift between them, linking personalities and stories often very different of their invisible occupants . The tight framing on paired volumes illustrates the fascination of Gianluca Gamberini for twinning between balance and opposition. Through these urban portraits, he continues his work on the absence and duality. What interests him in photography is to "capture the metaphysical and Abstract side of thinks , shooting places, non-places, where shown and hidden are mix to become different sides of the same story. His photographs seek to reveal landscapes, build memories, to collect stories about what we were and what was. In 2012, his series of buildings and scenery about Cinecittà studios in Rome is noticed at the Voies Off Festival at the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie in Arles, presented in Dublin and Belfast, is retained for the price ArchiFoto 2012 and the Month Off of Photography in Paris. It is the subject of a catalog entitled Cinecittà. In 2013, his series about Tokyo urbanism will be present during the Rencontres D'Arles, in the Voies Off Festival and will have producing a catalouge entitled Tokyo-Ga.
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- 9 photos 115cm x 90cm - 1 photo 160cm x 140cm
Festival Voies Off Arles 2013
Tokyo-Ga 東京雅 by Gianluca Gamberini: 25cmx30cm, 90p. , 40 color photos, preface Xavier Gonzalez, Steve Bisson.

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