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Isabelle Detournay "Missions spéciales"

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  • Exhibition Oct 2012 Brussels
  • Exhibition Oct 2012 Brussels
  • Exhibition Oct 2012 Brussels
  • Exhibition Oct 2012 Brussels
10 dibond frames 2mX2m (images 6X6 in 170 X170cm with a white border) recto verso and 2 dibond frames 2mX2m recto that can be hanged between trees or public lights , or any other support inside or outside. Images of that work show the workers (gardeners in public gardens and garbage collectors) in Brussels. It is exhibited on the public space itself and the work can be extended in other cities where it is exhibited. Collective work, exhibited for the street viewer, who also participates to the concept by being a member of the walkers on the green space. Collective and public work. This work was made in 2012 and exhibited in Avenue Voltaire-Deschanels in Schaerbeek (Brussels -Belgium) in october 2012. Curator : François Delvoye and La Maison des Arts (Schaerbeek-Brussels). In 2013, the work is going further (new pictures with the same subject in Bucharest -Romania). In progress.
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Images printed on Dibond support (metal) , waterproof, 2mX2m. 3 holes on each side. The mounting is depending on the place where it is exhibited.

each picture is wrapped into a bubble plastic.

a truck.

40 meters for the whole set. But it can be mounted in parts, and a choice can be made for exhibiting recto/verso or not.

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