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  • Jeff Dunas-State of Blues-Cary Bell
  • Jeff Dunas-State of Blues-Checkerboard Lounge
  • Jeff Dunas-State of Blues-James Brown
  • Jeff Dunas-State of Blues-John Lee Hooker
  • Jeff Dunas-State of Blues-Muddy's Cabin
  • Jeff Dunas-State of Blues-Peppermint Harris
  • Jeff Dunas-State of Blues-Porch Detail
  • Jeff Dunas-State of Blues-Sam Carr & Frank Frost
  • Jeff Dunas-State of Blues-Windy City Blues
State of the Blues is a book (Aperture / Konemann 2000) and traveling museum exhibition containing 3000 linear feet of exhibition materials including 90 framed & matted 20x24" toned, gelatin-silver prints and 7 24x40" mounted text panels. Exhibition is crated, insured and ready to transport. It has been exhibited in 12 museums in the United States. The exhibition documents the founders and elders of the American blues music tradition in the form of portraits and documentary photographs made in the places where the music was born.
£ 4000

Global insurance value
£ 100000
90 framed & matted 20x24" toned, gelatin-silver prints and 7 24x40" mounted text panels
Life Magazine, Photo, American Photo, Esquire
California African American Museum, Los Angeles
American Jazz Museum, Kansas City, Missouri
African American Museum, Dallas, Texas
Ohr O'Keefe Museum of Art, Biloxi, Mississippi
Ritz La Villa Museum, Jacksonville, Florida
Norton Museum of Art, Palm Beach, Florida
Gallery 478, San Pedro, California
Muzeo Museum, Anaheim, California
Frank Pictures Gallery, Santa Monica, California
FotoFest / Vine Street Studios, Houston, Texas
Lubbock Fine Arts Center, Lubbock, Texas
Chroniques Nomades, Honfleur, France
Fahey Klein Gallery, Los Angeles, California
Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
State of Blues, Aperture/Konemann 2000

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