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JENNY LEXANDER, Le Jeu Rêveur D’une Réflexion

  • JennyLexander-Le Jeu rêveur d'une réflexion-Élégance
  • JennyLexander-Le Jeu rêveur d'une réflexion-La Vie
  • JennyLexander-Le Jeu rêveur d'une réflexion-La danse des sens
  • JennyLexander-Le Jeu rêveur d'une réflexion-Cheval de cirque de la vie
  • JennyLexander-Le Jeu rêveur d'une réflexion-Rebecca
  • JennyLexander-Le Jeu rêveur d'une réflexion-Piano
  • JennyLexander-Le Jeu rêveur d'une réflexion-La danse
  • JennyLexander-Le Jeu rêveur d'une réflexion-Felicia
  • JennyLexander-Le Jeu rêveur d'une réflexion-Klara
  • JennyLexander-Le Jeu rêveur d'une réflexion-Les plus petits
JENNY LEXANDER Photographer “A Dream Play as Reflections” Life is an ongoing process. Every day. Every minute. Every second. A moment A light A shadow A world pass by, last for a few second, Each day energies are there to observe, absorb, to feel, to react, act and reflect around. An ongoing process. That specific moment is up to us to catch to inhale and feel. It is precious and can not be valued in numbers. Pure feelings are something that can not be described by letters nor expressed in words. What is written down by someone can never be judged by Anyone. Neighter an Image. Through the lens of the camera we have a choice and possibility to capture a moment that is brought to us, something we feel in that particular moment. Capture a feeling or simply leave it for the reader to interpret and observe in details. This serie of images reflect a time period, captured, written by light, in images through the lens. A story produced in silence and by love. Reflecting compassion, patience, memories, dreams, meetings and glory that life happily share. Highlighted with elegance & grace. Time is forming us whom we are and what we be- come through our journey. Time is Precious.
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23 photographs. Paper size: 40x50 cm, 50x70 cm and 53x76cm. Epson Hot Press Bright fine art paper. Signed by artist. Limited edition. Mounted in black wooden frames + 1 image framed as unique piece golden frame; Image size 53x76.

Framed Photographs, 40x50 cm, 50x70cm, 53x76cm.

Fine art shipper needed. The cost of transportation (to and from), insurance and customs formalities are to be met by the exhibitor.

Åkestam&Holst Art Department
The Agency Gallery
Image LeJeuRêveurD’uneRéflexionByJennyLexander.pdf

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