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  • Joseph Nechvatal-NOise AnusmOs-sOuth pOle
  • Joseph Nechvatal-NOise AnusmOs-nOise anusmOs
  • Joseph Nechvatal-NOise AnusmOs-madOnna cOl bambino
  • Joseph Nechvatal-NOise AnusmOs-Fundament vOlupté
  • Joseph Nechvatal-NOise AnusmOs-euphOric anus
  • Joseph Nechvatal-NOise AnusmOs-autOmata retinal
  • Joseph Nechvatal-NOise AnusmOs-autOmata libertine
  • Joseph Nechvatal-NOise AnusmOs-AsstrOnOmical affected autOmata
  • Joseph Nechvatal-NOise AnusmOs-Anus cosmos
  • Joseph Nechvatal-NOise AnusmOs- an us
The theme of nOise anusmOs is a linkage of the human retina and anus to the cosmos. nOise anusmOs suggests that this includes the connectivity of the noisy universe with the inner human in a spirit of imaginative artistic audacity and erotic spirituality. In nOise anusmOs the viewer can imaginatively re-place him or herself within a Dionysian flux of cosmological nature. Other influences on this show are American transcendental black metal music and avant-garde saxophone music.
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These paintings are created with computer-robotic assisted acrylic on velvet. Joseph Nechvatal has worked with electronic images and computer technology since 1986, and has been infecting his paintings with computer viruses since 1991. In 2001 Joseph Nechvatal and Stéphane Sikora combined the initial digital virus project with the principles of artificial life, in other words creating systems of synthesis that reproduces the behavioral characteristics of living systems. In nOise anusmOs, the virus cannot be seen. It acts as an anti-virus, which creates the subject matter instead of destroying it. The virus knits filaments of cells and assembles them gradually to create the images. Art connoisseurs will be able to draw similarities between these works and Nechvatal’s graphite drawings that he made before 1986.

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