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Les Fleurs avec Amour By JENNY LEXANDER

  • Jenny Lexander- Les fleurs avec amour-Chérie
  • Jenny Lexander- Les fleurs avec amour-Rêves
  • Jenny Lexander- Les fleurs avec amour-Compassion
  • Jenny Lexander- Les fleurs avec amour-Passion
  • Jenny Lexander- Les fleurs avec amour-Papillion
  • Jenny Lexander- Les fleurs avec amour-Compréhension
  • Jenny Lexander- Les fleurs avec amour-Amour
  • Jenny Lexander- Les fleurs avec amour-Jolie
  • Jenny Lexander- Les fleurs avec amour-Curiosité
  • Jenny Lexander- Les fleurs avec amour-Avion
JENNY LEXANDER Photographer “Les fleurs avec amour” This series of flowers was created by love to my beloved. Each day a new flower bouquet was handpicked and brought home under the sky, in the sunshine, under the rain or carried by the wind to the summer house. From the fields, by the ocean, in the sand dunes, the hills, the forrest or picked from the beautiful garden outside. To spread colors, the sense and fragrance of fresh flowers, creations, happiness and love. All that warms a heart. Collected from the close surroundings at Sweden’s unique island, Gotland. Each flower has a name that reminds of the place and journey of emotions from that day it was collected and brought back to the house that formed memories. Titles as: Amour, Rêves, Jolie, Avion, Compasion, Curiosité, Compréhension, Bonheur, Passion, Cherie Papillion ... A summer that created happiness, tears, passion, curiosity. A discover being a grown up woman with a child’s sense kept inside. You grow and you glow each day just as a flower in the field.
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Printed on a unique hand made Japanese Gampi paper. 10 Images. Prints signed by artist. Limited Edition of 5. Paper Size 51x75cm. Pictures of final images on paper and framing can be sent out by request. Last beautiful handmade paper of its kind in stock. Limited edition: "This paper was made by a papermaker named Mr. Seki who lived in Kochi Japan. It was always a very popular paper that he developed for the western market who wanted heavier paper for printmaking. So just he and his wife made this paper for many years. At one point, the market was very poor for it - about 20 years ago - and when I went to visit him in Kochi, the paper studio was being used as a playground for his grandchildren! He often had physical problems too, so it became quite difficult to get the paper. He was always afraid that if he taught someone else to make it, that would destroy his livelihood, so he didn't teach anyone the technique. In later years he decided he would pass it on, but by then it was too late and there were no willing papermakers around to teach. So he died with the secret of how to make the beautiful lustrous gampi torinoko."

Fine art shipper needed. The cost of transportation (to and from), insurance and customs formalities are to be met by the exhibitor.

10-30 sqm

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