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Lorenzo Linthout - Not communicability urban

  • Berlin 2011
  • Roma 2008
  • Verona 2012
  • Lyon 2010
  • Berlin 2011
  • Paris 2009
  • Ljubljana 2010
  • Rovereto 2009
  • Paris 2009
  • Nova Gorica 2010
The lack of communication, the unspoken of reality, the metaphysical loneliness of the subject, are ubiquitous themes of this century. The reality of our century is diverse, chaotic, confused. Dazes man with a mental mosaic infinity of possibilities and you react to this situation with the disorientation, the loneliness that comes from not being able to reconstruct the fragments of our crazy life.
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Satin Photo Paper, cm 30x45
La Repubblica
art and commerce-Photo Vogue

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