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Marcel Proust Racing Team

  • Marcus Kreiss-Marcel Proust racing team-1
  • Marcus Kreiss-Marcel Proust racing team-2
  • Marcus Kreiss-Marcel Proust racing team-3
  • Marcus Kreiss-Marcel Proust racing team-4
  • Marcus Kreiss-Marcel Proust racing team-5
An american racing car. But all the normal automobile logos are words. One logo, one word. And its the 2 first sentences from Marcel Prousts "à la recherche du temps perdu" The car has insurance and Paris license plates and can be driven. Its been featured on french/german arte TV, shown in Paris' Palais de Tokyo, and was shown for 3 years in front of the french institute of Cologne. More info https://www.facebook.com/pages/Marcel-Proust-Racing-Team/158297830933697
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Global insurance value
£ 10000
outside or inside, this car sculpture can be used in foyers, gardens, in front of a building, in a parking lot.....

auto transport, then drive

a bigger car

documents d'artristes
palais de tokyo, Paris, 2003, Institut francais de Cologne 2010-2012
100x70cm screenprint

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