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MARCO RISTUCCIA, The Sacred and the Profane

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Palermo (Sicily), July 2010, time of the religious festival dedicated to the patron saint of the city: Santa Rosalia ("u fistinu"). A careful tour around the most significant neighborhoods reveals the great faith and the strong devotion of the people towards the patron saint. Improvised altars of saints, candles, flowers, pictures of deceased relatives appear everywhere, in the most unlikely places, and silently live together with the daily events of the Palermitans, blending within and “disappearing” in the background of this wonderful theater of life, full of loud sounds , smells and tastes that arouse strong emotions. As a Sicilian myself, I know well how faith conditions any aspect of our lives. "The Sacred and the Profane", in fact, tries to communicate, through the metaphor of images, how historical roots and traditions are so far in time that today we can see a curious and sometime grotesque mix of worship objects and symbols with everyday life.
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MEDIUM: giclée pigment print on Hahnemühle PhotoRag Baryta SIZES: 40 x 27 cm (16 x 11 inches) MOUNTING: forex panel (1cm thick, no borders, no frames). EDITION: 10 + II

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SMALL EXHIBITION : 10 works (a minimum of 6 linear meters required) BIG EXHIBITION : 24 works (a minimum of 15 linear meters required)

La Lettre de la Photographie / Le Journal de la Photographie
Special mention at ROBERTO DEL CARLO Lucca Digital Photo Contest 2010.

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