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Marco Scataglini "LUCUS"

  • Marco Scataglini-Arpia (Pareidol)
  • Marco Scataglini-Texture
  • Marco Scataglini-Cosmic Tree
  • Marco Scataglini-Tree in a abandoned church
  • Marco Scataglini-Wood master #1
  • Marco Scataglini-From the ant point of view
  • Marco Scataglini-Attached to earth
  • Marco Scataglini-Blue wood
  • Marco Scataglini-Tree and church
  • Marco Scataglini-Laurel tree in a cloister
The exhibition is devoted to the sacred and magical side of trees and forests. The basic concept of the exhibition (and of the project) is that the forest is characterized by two key elements: the light of the sun (which provides the energy) and the time, that allows the trees to grow, become monumental, and to live for thousands of years old. To emphasize the importance of the energy of the sun and the concept of time, the prints of the exhibition are made by an ancient technique invented by Sir John Herschel: the Cyanotype. Infact, to create a Cyanotype you need the sun and time (usually many minutes) for to expose the negative on the sensible emulsion, and the water to develop the image. So, it's a perfect metaphor of the trees needs! The exhibition is made by 30 cyanotype 20x30 cm (8x12") prints
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There are more than 40 prints in my exhibition, but my project is to exhibit just 30 pieces; all the prints are Cyanotypes toned (all) by tea or coffee, to change the blue tone; all the images are printed on watercolor paper (200 or 300 grams) in two (similar) sizes: A4 and 24x32 cm. All the prints are mounted in 30x40 cm frames, without glass.

Only one package about 45x55x100 cm (18x22x40")

No art shipper required, just a FedEx!

Minimum linear meters required are about 15 meters

Explanation of the whole project (this exhibition is part of a more complex project!). LUCUS.pdf

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