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Picture Exhibition to rent about Pictures of Tokyo in Japan - Labyrinths of the disproportionate japanese Megalopolis. Tokyo the Furious, Tokyo the Mad, Tokyo the Huge Anthill of 30 millions of inhabitants - - In such a futuristic urban setting, dive deeply in these science-fiction comic strip of the japanese Capital with the french photographer François-Xavier PRÉVOT. From the overpopulated subway of Ikebukuro to the business district of Shinjuku, towards the snowy summit of the Fuji-Yama, for a night in the relativ quietness of Higashi Kurume, in the suburbs of Tokyo - One other Picture exhibition of Japan : "Back to the Sunrise Land" - 8 OTHERS THEMES OF EXHIBITIONS TO RENT + WITH SLIDES SHOWS + HANDICRAFTS EXHIBITIONS : - Know-How (little jobs, craftsmen) in 11 Countries over the World - Japan (two exhibitions), Tibet, Sahara (5 Countries), Mali, Tunisia and Turkey - Women of 9 Countries over the World - Direct Link to see the Pictures of this Exhibition : http://www.photographe-marseille.eu/VENTE-DE-PHOTOS-D-ART-Metro-Boulot-Tokyo,138,7,fr,f1.html
£ 2200

Global insurance value
£ 4000
10 Pictures Limited Edition Fine Art Prints, numbered from 1 to 10 with ARTtrust Certification, Formats 40 cm x 60 cm in 60 cm x 80 cm black aluminium Nielsen frames and white passkeys - - Direct Link to see the pictures of this exhibition : http://www.photographe-marseille.eu/VENTE-DE-PHOTOS-D-ART-Metro-Boulot-Tokyo,138,7,fr,f1.html

Pictures are incased with Manilla paper

Not included - Transport can be done by the author himself in France -

This exhibition is adjustable to your show room

Press and Media reviews on my website
• Restaurants l'Ostéria • Le Saint Gervais • Café Benjamin in Paris
Press Review (Resume) François-Xavier PRÉVOT Photographe : References_expos_anglais_EXPOSARE.pdf

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  • François-Xavier PRÉVOT
    "An emotional sequence… simple, poetic, profound, François-Xavier PRÉVOT's work bears witness to a silent inner travail, to intense encounters with different peoples, to an enchantment with previously unimaginable landscapes.
    He is living his childhood dream: To travel and share in words and pictures."

    Marie G. Giudicelli, "Marseille l’Hebdo"
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