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Walking. Under the heat, in the sun, or at night. Go across the fields, get almost sweapt away by speeding trucks on the highway. Blinding skies, and immense rivers of water and people. Sweet jasmin and rotting trash, morning dew on homy farmland. Some 80 years later, what is left of the trail Gandhi traced in 1930 on the famous Salt March? Photographer Michel Monteaux and writer Fabrice Gaignault walked the path called “Dandi Yatra” (the way to Dandi), the 380 kilometers distance between Gandhi's ashram in Ahmedabad and the seashore at Dandi beach. After having talked to thousands of villagers along the way, about gaining independence from the English control, using non violence as a weapon, Gandhi initiated the movement by picking up a handful of sea salt, without the permission of the British Empire. What is left of Gandhi's ideals in modern India, soon to be the third largest world economical power? This exhibit and the book offer an unusual travel diary. Some images are visible on my website. Exhibit prints are 50x60 cm unframed.
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40 50X60 cm (19,60X23,62 inches) c-prints, unframed

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