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THE MONTE-CARLO SERIES by Silas Shabelewska

  • Silas Shabelewska-The MonteCarlo Series-The Black Pumps
  • Silas Shabelewska-The MonteCarlo Series-And then she laughed
  • Silas Shabelewska-The MonteCarlo Series-Caroline in the Entrance Hall, rue bel Respiro
  • Silas Shabelewska-The MonteCarlo Series-On top of the world
  • Silas Shabelewska-The MonteCarlo Series-The white skirt
  • Silas Shabelewska-The MonteCarlo Series-The white hat and the black hat
  • Silas Shabelewska-The MonteCarlo Series-Girl on fire (place)
  • Silas Shabelewska-The MonteCarlo Series-Céline and the black laced shoes
  • Silas Shabelewska-The MonteCarlo Series-The red pirate boots
  • Silas Shabelewska-The MonteCarlo Series-Playing with fire
Shot in abandoned 19th century villas in and around Monte-Carlo from 1980 to 1982, when the artist was a 16 year old teenager, the photographs feature young women in the artist's circle playfully posing in eccentric vintage attire. Shabelewska captures a juxtaposition of space and form with the unique use of light and perspective. The resulting images are provocative and flirtatious. The 12 photographs are 37.5 x 52 inches silver gelatin prints and in an edition of 5, mounted on diebond in black artist frame. About Silas Shabelewska Born and raised in Monaco, Polish-American Silas Shabelewska has practiced photography since the age of 14. At 16, she learned the process of silver gelatin printing. In 1984, Shabelewska enrolled at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston where she majored in photography, film and video. Since the late 80’s, Shabelewska has worked predominantly in photography and has photographed art world personalities such as Leo Castelli and Helmut Newton (in Monte-Carlo in 1995). Past solo shows include: The Vermeer Series (Soufer Gallery, New York); Roads America (Björn Ressle Fine Art, New York); Roads (Gallery Kayafas, Boston); Roads (Briggs Robinson Gallery at Soho House, New York); Silas Shabelewska (Patrick Verelst Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium) and PEACE & LOVE (Soufer Gallery, New York). Her work has also been showcased in many group exhibitions in Washington, DC, Miami, New Orleans, Cincinnati, Ft. Lauderdale, Corpus Christi and Antwerp, Belgium. She lives and works in New York City with her husband, Norwegian-born artist Andre von Morisse.
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Silver gelatin prints mounted on diebond in Black Wooden Frames

each work is to be crated, 2 works per crate, 5 crates

Fine art Shipper needed (does not have to be super high end shipper, costs of transport can only be determined once we know destination. Works are located in New York, all transport costs will be calculated for New York to whatever destination will be

works are large, 30 x 45 3/4 inches

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