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Obey Me by Leandro Guardado

  • Leandro Guardado - Obey Me - 1
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  • Leandro Guardado - Obey Me - 6
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  • Leandro Guardado - Obey Me - 10
Based on the book "On Television" by the French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, where it points out the dangers associated to the TV in our society. Obey is a photographic series where television represent all the media, but also all the new technologies that gradually change our lives and seem to claim the control of them. Technology and information serves as an instrument to the established power in their maneuvers to control the masses, standardization, social alienation and loss of individual identity. At the visual level the project was inspired by the atmosphere of the literary work of George Orwell's "1984." The strange and surreal environment aims to increase the tension caused by the dialogue between the characters and the television. Different individuals wearing the same skin to represent a social role predetermined controlled by outside impulses, under the power of silent dictatorship, which is the ability to control information. The same dictatorship that whispers in our ear “obey” inducing us to act according to their interests. The exhibition Obey Me result from the series Obey, where photographs and installations give life to the concept.
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Six limited edition photographs numbered. Photography number 1, 120X80cm; Photography number 2 to 6, 30X40cm

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Lisbon, Portugal, June 2013
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