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PEAJES - Joséphine Douet

  • ©Joséphine Douet-Peajes-Matador!
  • ©Joséphine Douet-Peajes-Silence
  • ©Joséphine Douet-Peajes-On our way
  • ©Joséphine Douet-Peajes-Waiting
  • ©Joséphine Douet-Peajes-The tunnel
  • ©Joséphine Douet-Peajes-The cape
  • ©Joséphine Douet-Peajes-Muleta
  • ©Joséphine Douet-Peajes-The cigarette
  • ©Joséphine Douet-Peajes-The call
  • ©Joséphine Douet-Peajes-Resting on the road
The presence of a woman in a bullfighter’s entourage has always been unthinkable; however, Joséphine Douet (France, 1972) travelled with bullfighting superstar José María Manzanares and his cuadrilla for a whole month in order to portray them as they really are. Douet overcame superstition and joined a fraternity of men, eventually becoming another member of the team and photographing, from close quarters, the reality of a life that is hard, but full of freedom and poetry.
£ 500

Global insurance value
£ 26000
12 images. 6 x (50 x70) . 6 (70 x 100). Can be extended. Photographic cotton paper. Framed.

2 crates. 1 (30 x 130 x100) and 1 ( 30 x 80 x 100).

Fine art transport required. The work is in Madrid, Spain.

15 linear meters.

Le Journal de la Photographie
Telecinco (Spain)
Telva (Spain)
GQ Spain
La Nación ( Argentina)
Vogue Latinoamerica
PhotoEspaña, Madrid, Spain - May/ september 2010
Espace 14, Nîmes, France - May 2010
" Peajes, en la carretera con José Maria Manzanares", Ed. Bellaterrra, 2009. Spanish/French edition. 176 p.

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