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  • Stefen Chow-The Poverty Line-China 2010/Bak Choy
  • Stefen Chow-The Poverty Line-Nepal/Dahl
  • Stefen Chow-The Poverty Line-USA/Lobster
  • Stefen Chow-The Poverty Line-India/Potatoes
  • Stefen Chow-The Poverty Line-Brazil/Watermelon
  • Stefen Chow-The Poverty Line-Australia/Turkey Wings
  • Stefen Chow-The Poverty Line-France/Grapes
  • Stefen Chow-The Poverty Line-Germany/Pump
  • Stefen Chow-The Poverty Line-Japan/Tapioca
  • Stefen Chow-The Poverty Line-Madagascar/Garlic
This body of work explores a simple question. What does it mean to be poor? It is not an emotional statement. It is an examination of the choices one would face living at the poverty line. We started the project in 2010 with China as a case study, and we have since expanded this project and have gone to 17 countries across 6 continents. We are not trying to compare different countries’ poverty, but rather to have a starting point to understand poverty within a country’s context. One frame. One person. One day. Everything else is left up to interpretation. This is a joint collaboration between photographer Stefen Chow and economist Lin Hui-Yi.
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We have done the poverty line in the following countries, including China, India, Nepal, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Madagascar, Mauritius, Switzerland, France, Germany, USA, Brazil and Australia. Each country has 30 - 100 works made. Archival giclee prints. Each piece is 58cm by 38.67cm.


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