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TIME-ZERO by Damien Peyret

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The story of the last 500 expired Polaroid Film. In February 2008, Polaroid corporation decided to stop its instant films production. Consequently I decided to buy the last 50 packs of 668 Time-Zero Color Instant Film. I had used them with my SX70 camera for more than 15 years. This type of film degenerates quickly and each pack has an expiration date. Even though I was aware of that, I intentionally left out the 500 films in their boxes for several years and eventually started shooting. At first it seemed that the color developer didn't work properly. Light haloes appeared on the images like gas ionization. The gelatins contained silver halide crystals and alkaline reagent, which spilled on the photograph and on my fingers. This result led me to use the last 500 Polaroid Time-Zero as a symbolic immolation. I grabbed the nature of things and those imperceptible switchover moments where the universe consumes itself. Julie Chaizemartin, Le Huffington post 26/10/213 At the top of the stairs of the Espace Richelieu where cutlog 2013 takes place, the spree gallery run by Bruno Hadjadj displays the photographs of Damien Peyret. At first sight we cannot clearly identify what is pictured on the work but a subtle sense of poetry is radiating. The gleam of sun almost supernatural emanates between the trees in a forest. The decisive moment is nearly magical. The presence of this golden brown brightness is in fact due to the degradation of the last polaroïds bought by the artist several years ago. The expired chemicals have created a unique and astonished result. “ I knew the polaroïds were spoilt, explain Damien Peyret and I intentionally kept the 500 last ones and saved them carefully before using them. I called this work, Time Zero Project, because I am trying in each photograph to capture the fragile and irreversible transition period, the moment that changes the course of action, like for instance when the snow accumulates on a small branch and suddenly becomes too heavy and imperceptibly falls. The deterioration of polaroïds reflects the nostalgia of a period and also The Time Zero of this type of photography. My project will go on until 2015.”
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50 polaroid photogaphs printed by Arnaud Lebarz at Janvier Lab, on Photo Rag® Ultra Smooth, 305 gsm, under Diassec. Format 100 x 97,5 cm - 39 x 38 in. Framed or not on "caisse américaine" Edition of 3.

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