Ellie Parsons, 'Game Changers: The Evolution of Advertising'

A retrospective of the work that changed the face of advertising forever.

Gianluca Gamberini Cinecittà

Exibition of Cinecittà's studio and scenography

Ricardo YUI - La costa verde

Some images about comings and goings of the sea, comings and goings of the city...

Gianluca Gamberini Tokyo-Ga 東京雅

After his series of Cinecitta in 2012, Gianluca Gamberini participating for the second time in Voies Off Festival.

Isabelle Detournay "Missions spéciales"

installation of portraits in the public space about public work (gardeners and garbage collectors), pictures in 2m X 2m

Natalya Reznik "Looking for my father"

Looking for my father (2013) is a photoproject about my father I do not remember.

Arnaud Duquenoy : IDEAL CHIMERA | Monaco

That exhibition shows 5 statues about the subject : IDEAL CHIMERA

Obey Me by Leandro Guardado

In a world where humanity is in the hands of the television dictatorship... we have to OBEY

Sarah Duby / Florence Girardeau / João Vilhena "Le vestibule et les canaux semi-circulaires"

This refers to spatial and visual echoes. Variations and possible losses that shape the repetition of space.

Les Fleurs avec Amour By JENNY LEXANDER

“Les fleurs avec amour” shows a series of flowers that was created by love to her beloved. Exposed with her graphic eye.

NOISE: Inside the Camera

Conceptually-based photographs that consider the limits and conditions of contemporary photographic digital technology

COUTURES - Joséphine Douet

10 years backstage in Paris' Haute Couture