The Distance that Exists... by Leandro Guardado

The exhibition is the narrative of a fantastic journey that presents photographs and art installations

Marco Scataglini "LUCUS"

The exhibition is devoted to the sacred and the magic of trees and forests.

Ellie Parsons, 'Game Changers: The Evolution of Advertising'

A retrospective of the work that changed the face of advertising forever.

Gianluca Gamberini Cinecittà

Exibition of Cinecittà's studio and scenography

Ricardo YUI - La costa verde

Some images about comings and goings of the sea, comings and goings of the city...

Gianluca Gamberini Tokyo-Ga 東京雅

After his series of Cinecitta in 2012, Gianluca Gamberini participating for the second time in Voies Off Festival.

IF the volcano is sleeping by Ekaterina Vasilyeva

The sublime is often understands as a scene where the tension presents and there exists the possibility of an adventure.

Isabelle Detournay "Missions spéciales"

installation of portraits in the public space about public work (gardeners and garbage collectors), pictures in 2m X 2m

Natalya Reznik "Looking for my father"

Looking for my father (2013) is a photoproject about my father I do not remember.

Marc Gouby "Le Tour des Hommes Intègres"

Sur les traces des héroïques coureurs du Tour du Burkina Faso.

Fabrice Balossini, "Pèlerins" "Pilgrims"

120 millions d'hommes, 120 millions de visages, 120 million people, 120 million faces