Morgante by Nicola Lo Calzo

"Morgante" interweaves the personal stories of the "little" people in Africa

NEW-YORK in BLACK Christophe Jacrot

The last power shutdown in New-york after the hurricaine sandy (30th oct 2012)

La Comtesse de Castiglione

From 1856 to 1895, the Countess de Castiglione posed hundreds of times before the camera of Pierre-Louis Pierson

L'Essentiel/Mathilde de l'Ecotais

Photography and aluminium structures

Lumière du Premier Jour by Stella&Claudel

Portraits of female characters, faces painted and adorned with ornaments, lightened with candles.

On the shores of Inle lake. Fabrice Balossini

Do not take a photo (on the shores of Inle Lake) You should know not to take a photo Do not think about it and sail on Inle

FAUSTO GIACCONE-Sardinia 1968-1975

This series of photographs were taken in Sardinia between 1968 and 1975.

Joel-Peter Witkin, heaven or hell

The exhibition proposes a dialogue between Witkin’s photographs and precious prints selected from the library’s collection.

Giorgi Shengelia ''Great Hall''

This documentary project “great hall” is full of portraits of the little gymnast.

Graeme Williams : Painting over the Present

2010 - I began this project 16 years after the end of apartheid rule in South Africa. As a photographer, I have explored the

Most Muscular

Brian Finke spent two years photographing male and female bodybuilders at both professional and amateur competitions.