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June 2013

Arnaud Duquénoy

My sculptures are white canvases on which light and shade play in ways that are alternately soft and contrasted. Abstract sculptures can be so pared down that they appear cold. The search for perfect curves and clean lines gives me an opportunity to highlight sensitive details like an enigmatic lip ... a wrinkle in a neck that disappears... a navel... that might be less visible on a more detailed, figurative sculpture. The next step, modelling my sketches in three dimensions, is quite natural. I can experiment in real time with the effect of the light that is so important in my work. The 3D model is then machined with 3/5 axis machines. I don't do this because it's an easy option but because I want to produce a finished work that is really true to the model. I have worked with a range of materials like ashlar and marble. Machining was a deliberate choice, because my aim was to reproduce the concept as accurately as possible on perfectly symmetrical pieces. The technique gives me an exact reproduction of the 3D model. I then spray-paint the pieces with white matt lacquer. The light does the rest.

My exhibitions

Arnaud Duquenoy : IDEAL CHIMERA | Monaco

That exhibition shows 5 statues about the subject : IDEAL CHIMERA