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Chantal Soler

CS Consultant - PARIS, France
Roland & Sabrina Michaud Inspired by the literary works of the Orient, from the Arabian Nights and Sufis tales, to the Indian epics and the Chinese poets, the mythic French couple, Roland & Sabrina Michaud, after crisscrossing Asia by car from Paris to Singapore, during four and an half years, 1964 - 1968, are back to France with 34 000 pictures and an intense desire to become professional photographers. The secret of their work is to take one’s time. They choose to devote their whole life to Asia only. Over 80 years old, Roland & Sabrina Michaud, are still going back to India and are faithful to their old Leica argentic camera. Roland & Sabrian Michaud are the author of 23 photographic book translated into several languages, among which their famous best seller : Caravans to Tartary (1977). Their present motto is : Old age is winter for the ignorant, but harvest for the wise.

My exhibitions

50 YEARS IN THE ORIENT – Roland & Sabrina Michaud

Adventures with camel caravans on frozen river of the Pamir to Mongolian eagle huntings, through Indian monsoons and China.