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Fausto Giaccone

Fausto Giaccone, freelance photographer- Milano, Italy. Fausto Giaccone (69) grew up in Palermo, Sicily. His passion for photography dates back from his first trips in North Europe hitch-hiking at the time of high school years. After graduating in Architecture at the University of Rome, in 1968 he begins working as a photojournalist, covering many events and subjects in that extraordinary year: the earthquake in Sicily, the students’s movement in Rome, the Palestinian Fedayeen in Egypt and Jordan (first coverage ever done, published on Paris Match and many other European magazines). Since the beginning he has been inspired by the works of Eugene Smith and the photographers of Magnum Agency as well as by the works of the best Italian photographers of the time, as Enzo Sellerio, Franco Pinna, the Sansone brothers, Nicola and Antonio, Caio Garrubba and Mario Dondero. In the Seventies he works also with the television and film industry, both as a still photographer and as a cameraman for documentaries in South America and Africa. In the summer of 1975, when Portugal is in the aftermath of the Carnation Revolution which brought back civil liberties and political freedoms and put an end to the empire, Giaccone is in a small village in the south of the country, Alentejo, and witnesses expropriations, following land reform. In 1986 he goes back to the village in search of the same people he photographed at that time and publishes the book A Portoguese Story. In the Eighties Giaccone moves to Milan, where he gets regular assignments from news weekly as Epoca and Panorama. In the Nineties he is contributor of the most important Italian travel magazines. With the approach of the new century Giaccone covers the new European architectures, from Bilbao to Rotterdam, from Valencia to Berlin. Colombia is one of his beloved countries. He went first at the end of the Eighties and then he has gone back several times, doing many reportages, till in recent years has decided to work on a book on Gabriel García Márquez’s world. Since 1995 he is a contributor of ANZENBERGER Agency.

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FAUSTO GIACCONE-Sardinia 1968-1975

This series of photographs were taken in Sardinia between 1968 and 1975.