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March 2013

Julien Roussard

Galerie Roussard - Paris, France
Gallery Roussard is one of the oldest French galleries in Paris, buying and selling original artworks by nineteenth and twentieth century painters. Our center exhibits the art, and studies the lives, of important artists who have lived and worked here in Montmartre. Our Gallery also creates and organizes various exhibitions at prestigious venues in France and abroad. We have published some essential books on Montmartre's painters, such as the "Dictionary of Montmartre's Painters," plus "The Biography of Gen Paul," and several others. We are known worldwide as the major specialist in the paintings of GEN PAUL. We supply certificates of authenticity for all his work, and have complied his Catalogue Raisonné.

My exhibitions

André RENOUX - Paris par Renoux

60 Lithographies originales représentant Paris - 60 Originals lithographs showing Paris