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December 2012

Marco Ristuccia

Marco Ristuccia was born in Siracusa (Italy) in 1971. After receiving a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering he attended the Master class in professional photography at the Italian Institute of Photography (IIF) in Milan. In 2012-2013 he collaborated as a co-editor with the photography magazine Urbanautica, selecting and conducting interviews with photographers from all over the world. Since 2013 he is part of the editorial staff of Il nuovo Berlinese, magazine of culture, politics and society based in Berlin, as a photojournalist and image editor. Marco´s technical background provides him with a particular inclination towards deep conceptual analysis and strong formal balance, sometimes with a bit of an ironic drift typical of his Italian culture. His personal projects cover reportage, documentary and conceptual photography and are frequently exhibited in Germany and Italy. Marco lives and works in Berlin.

My exhibitions

Marco Ristuccia, White Walls

This project focuses on the concept of “vacancy” as an increasingly rare subject to find in our chaotic contemporary cities.

MARCO RISTUCCIA, One, No One and One Hundred Thousand

A research on the essence of life that is inspired by the Tree.

MARCO RISTUCCIA, The valley of Belice: ruins in the heart

A personal investigaion of the Belice's Valley (Sicily) which suffered a devastating earthquake in 1968.

MARCO RISTUCCIA, The Sacred and the Profane

Palermo (Sicily), July 2010, a grotesque mix of religion with everyday life during the festival of "Santa Rosalia".