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September 2013

Nina Ibrahim

BNP Paribas - Paris, France
In 2010, the bank BNP Paribas sponsored the exhibition Paris d'Amour and it was shown at Hotel de ville in Paris. Later on it was displayed as well in National museum Sainte Sophie at Kiev; Kharkov, and Odessa in Ukrain in 2011 Central Railway Station in Warsaw, Krakow Pologne 2010 Media Library Jean Cocteau, Massy 2012 Now with Gerard Uféras we are looking forward for more opportunities to show this great works in new places, can be museum, cultural centers, embassy or even more unusual places like it was shown in the railway station or media library, we are open to any opportunity to bring you this exhibition and help you setting it up. Feel free to contact me for any details, looking forward to hear from you.

My exhibitions

Gérard Uféras, Paris d'Amour

Paris d’Amour is a portrait of Paris and the diversity of its population revolving around a common theme: love and its social