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Lilla Szász

freelance photographer - Budapest, Hungary
Lilla Szász (35) Hungarian Lives and works in Budapest Lilla Szász is in practice of travelling and exploring lives of special communities in Hungary and all over the world. She has photographed homeless mothers, young criminal girls, and, most recently, Russian Jewish Veterans of the Second World War. Lilla Szász is a teacher of photography at Kontakt Courses in Art Photography (Hungary) and Mosoly Foundation (Hungary), a photo-journalist, and consults privately with numerous photographers and visual artists. She is best known for the series Mother Michael Goes to Heaven, which examines the life of a family that was formed between three prostitutes living together in Józsefváros neighbourhood of Budapest. Szász’s work has been exhibited and published internationally, including most recently, at Aqui Estamos, Photo Espana, with Richard Avedon, Richard Billingham and Paz Errazuriz. She has been the recipient of an Eötvös Fellowship from the Hungarian Government, grants Photo Espana, and Colors Magazine. Born in Budapest in 1977, she received her MA from University ELTE in Art History and Russian language and literature in Budapest in 2000.

My exhibitions

Lilla Szász / Szabolcs Barakonyi: Foreign Field

Foreign Field_Exhibition about identity, ideology and immigration, gallery 2B, Budapest

Mother Michael Goes to Heaven

Story of a family of sex-workers living in Budapest downtown